Be a Financial Investment Counselor

As there are more and more consumers being resistant to pay for financial investments offered by a financial investment counselor, nowadays independent planners have become a norm in society due to the considerably amount of benefits gained including cheaper costs. As consumers are penetrating into the modern world where financial affairs have become an important aspect of their lives, they have begun to take responsible of their own financial security.

The trends of people becoming independent financial planners are undeniable. Back then, retirement plans were not of concern by most employees as such responsibilities have been the job of social security. The older mentality portrayed that social security was larger and a more reliable source of retirement income. There was not much job-switching among employees and there were only few retirement assets to track. But ever since the revolution into a modernized society, people are taking the step towards making complex decisions themselves and get involved in investments personally.

Hence the greater demand of fee-only, independent advisors. There are some sources that offer such services. Independent financial investment counselor can be found in certain bodies such as the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). This is a corporation dedicated to provide comprehensive financial planning with fee charges. It is the largest professional organization in the United States. They do not handle your money, only offering financial advice and investment tips from experts’ point of view.

If you wish to become one of the independent financial planners, you will need to equip yourself with some independence, absolute competency and ultimate coordination of all aspects in financial planning. It is best if you have the Certified Public Accountant designations along with the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) or Certified Financial Planner (CFP) titles. A good planner should be able to provide comprehensive planning related to social security, life insurance, employee retirement plans, as well as personal assets.

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Adverse Credit Tenant Loans – Financial Loans For Everyone

A tenant or a non homeowner is always under the danger of incurring an adverse credit rating due to a lower income level and lack of financial back up in the form of property ownership. Most of the tenants suffer from bad debts, defaults, arrears, bankruptcy and CCJs and such credit ranking in turn, prevents them from getting substantial financial backing in times of need. Most lenders would consider any tenant with an adverse credit rating to be a high risk category and hence, it would be difficult for such a tenant to secure a substantial financial loan even when faced with urgent fund requirements. However, some lenders have introduced the concept of adverse credit tenant loans with the intent of improving the economic condition of such individuals and these loans enable any tenant with a spoiled credit history to get some much needed financial relief in times of need.

Even a poor credit score can be improved with the help of the adverse credit tenant loans and they are easy to apply for as they are unsecured in nature and require no collaterals against the loans. As there are multiple lenders in the market offering such adverse credit tenant loans, it makes perfect sense for the potential borrower to compare the various plans on offer before selecting any specific loan plan. Most of the lenders have their own online website, which makes it easier for the potential borrowers to compare the various rates and select the best deal after gathering all information on these loans. Application for these loans is also quick and hassle free, involving no paperwork or faxing of documents. A potential borrower can simply apply through the online application form available at every lender’s website, by simply filling up some basic personal and financial details.

The adverse credit tenant loans are usually extended for a short term period, which generally extends from two weeks to a month’s time. In most cases, extension of the loan period is not possible, unless under specific circumstances, with special concession from the lender. However, it is crucial for the borrower to be very particular about the loan repayment on time, as otherwise, the lender has every right to take legal action against the borrower, further adversely affecting his already poor credit score.

The online transaction facility further adds convenience, speed and comfort to the processing of the adverse credit tenant loans. The borrower can not only apply for the loans online, but they can also be approved, transferred and repaid through the online medium, saving much time and effort on part of the borrower, as he can easily get access to the required loan amount form the comfort and security of his home or office. The loan amount may then be used for any financial requirement which the borrower deems fit, be it the repayment of existing debts, education fees or medical expenses. All the advantages of these loans have, therefore, placed this category of loans high up on the most preferred list for financial options of every tenant with an adverse credit history.

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